Defenders of the Faith
A Federation Prime Team Campaign


This is the online home of the Defenders of the Faith Campaign, a GURPS Prime Directive Campaign being played completely online, through OpenRPG. Please feel free to browse the site, read up on the campaign, and contact Senor Pez if you have any questions!

Recent News Updates

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[DotF] Mysteries Revealed

On the trail of a mysterious human bounty, Li'rea, Janus, and Du'kay embark out into the Klingon city. Will they find the bounty, and when they do, will they be able to learn his identity? Find out in the newly-posted Adventure 16 logs!

[DotF] Site Updates

The only good thing about the break in the action that Defenders of the Fatih takes for the holidays is that I have a whole night free to make some site improvements. I'm currently rewriting a lot of PHP code and changing backend database settings to make the site better. For example, character pages have been pulled down and the dead links have been cleaned up significantly, as I'm in the process of converting the NPC's to GURPS 4/e. As they are finished, the pages will reappear. The other cool improvement is that character pages will not only show stats, but have images of Rank Insignia and Awards! You can now see what type of badge your character is wearing because he's a Captain or because she won a Star Fleet Commendation. Don't worry, this will be expanded as time goes on, too... just having the ribbons doesn't satisfy me. :)

[DotF] Wanted: One SWAC Shuttle

The final minutes of the conflict between the surviving member of the Red Arrows Prime Team, Archons Prime Team, and the Klingon forces attempting to protect their prize SWAC shuttle are here! Will the Federation Primes be able to complete their mission and escape? Or are they doomed to fail? The only way to find out is to ready the logs!

[DotF] The Battle Rages On!

The Klingons aren't going to sit back and let the lone surviving member of Red Arrows Prime Team and Archons Prime Team simply destroy the captured SWAC shuttle. A fierce battle rages in the upper levels of the facility as two sides fight over an invaluable piece of technology.

[DotF] 15-6 Transcript Available

The attack is underway! Archons Prime Team, along with the sole survivor from Red Arrows Prime Team, have begun their infiltration of the Klingon Science facility. Will they succeed? Will they be discovered? Can they make it to the SWAC? Find out in the 15-6 Transcript, now available!

[DotF] Adventure 15 Logs Posted

It's been a long time since adventure logs were posted, and you'll be happy to discover that all of the Adventure 15 logs have now been posted. The Adventure is far from over, with a dangerous mission just getting underway.

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